Choosing a colour, not a timber.

Choosing a Timber Floor Colour

Choosing the right colour.

In today’s interior architecture, we have seen a huge change to choosing colours and not timber species. There are many timbers available in many different shades but in a world of infinite colour possibilities, it has stretched beyond the standard offering of traditional timber species.

All is not lost however as there has been a huge increase in the range of timber stains available as well as improved ease of use and lower costs. This has allowed one of the world’s oldest building materials to keep up with the latest designs and looks.

By embracing these changes, we have learnt a lot. It’s not just a simple case of choosing a colour and slapping it on, rather hours of testing on timbers that react differently to stains and finer details such as how to prepare the timber first. Trial and error over the years has allowed us to master what was once considered problematic.

Therefore, if you have a particular colour in mind and we can’t match it with one of our many timber species; we can custom make a stain colour that suits the look you are after.