Proparq Timber Flooring for Perth and Melbourne Homes

Italian Made French Oak Engineered Flooring

BJ's Timber Flooring are a family owned company that has been providing quality timber flooring and superior customer service for over 50 years. Established in 1964, timber flooring has been our sole focus and we take pride in our years of experience and extensive knowledge. We are dedicated to supplying only the highest quality products to ensure your floor becomes a subtle statement of class & natural sophistication.

We are proud to introduce our new range of Proparq Italian made premium engineered French Oak timber flooring into Melbourne for the first time. Unrivalled in quality this truly unique product is in a class of its own. Available in a range of formats, finishes and colours to suit all interior designs and decors.

Proparq is a dynamic, 100% Italian company which has won international success through its in-depth knowledge of timber and the care applied to every phase of the production process, to offer an Italian made product of true excellence. Proparq premium engineered French oak timber is FSC and PEFC certified.

Trusted by architects, interior designers and specifiers to offer the highest quality and latest designs we have installed Proparq premium engineered French oak timber flooring into display homes, commercial & residential projects.

Proparq The Company

A passion for wood, a commitment to the environment and human well-being, a perfect synthesis of leading-edge technology and design: these are the founding concepts of Proparq. A dynamic, 100% Italian company which has won international success through its in-depth knowledge of timber and the care applied to every phase of the production process, to offer an Italian-made product of true excellence.

Proparq pays the greatest attention to detail, painstakingly selecting its timber species and treatments to satisfy even the most demanding customer, but always in compliance with environmental regulations.

Modern factories and rational organisation of production, combined with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, place Proparq amongst the most modern, state-of-the-art Italian timber flooring manufacturers. Nature and technology are thus combined to perfection, to offer a quality product that makes every room unique. An example of Italian excellence, reflected not only in the product but in the service also.

Proparq timber flooring passion, quality and technology bring nature into the home.

Tradition, Technology and Outstanding Quality

Proparq timber flooring is the perfect synthesis of the culture of tradition and high-tech production processes. Timber is transformed entirely in Italy, in safe, state-of-the-art factories, where the technical know-how and experience of a team of professionals combined with the leading-edge technology of the production facility create a product of excellence.

The outstanding quality of the company is expressed in the careful selection of the best timbers and compliance with environmental and health regulations.

Proparq timber comes from forests with a guaranteed, regulated tree production cycle, and is used in a way that ensures the rational use of the best material - the hardwood face layer to minimise waste, partly by combining it with marine-grade birchwood ply. Furthermore, all finishes are obtained only with solvent-free and completely non-toxic products.

Proparq products are durable and of excellent quality, making them a long-term investment with a guaranteed lifetime.

Why Proparq

  • Available in widths of 90, 120, 140, 190 & 240mm
  • Lengths up to 2380mm
  • A true 4mm Face Layer of French Oak (Also available in 5mm)
  • A superior 10mm Birch Marine Grade Plywood.
  • Smooth / Brushed / Planed / Sawn Cut Textures
  • Square or Bevelled Edge
  • A range of finishes
  • Different grades available – Civita (AB) / Naturae (ABC) / Rustica (BC)
  • Available in over 20 standard prefinished colours
  • Extensive photo Galleries
  • Retail Brochures
  • Technical Literature and Warranty Information
  • Samples sent free of charge upon request
  • Stair Nosing – to any specification
  • Solid Treads – 30mm to 180mm thickness / any width and lengths up to 2300mm
  • Committed to the Environment
  • Cleaning & Maintenance products


  • ISO 9001
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • CE Marking
  • FSC
  • PEFC
  • Reaction to Fire – CE Marking regulations UNI EN 14342: 2005+A1:2008
  • Suitable for Heating / Cooling Systems * Subject to conditions
  • Formaldehyde Free (Compliance with Class EI regulations EN 13986)
  • Zero Solvents (CE Marking regulations UNI EN 14342: 2005+AI:2008)
  • Zero Radiation
  • P3 Slip resistance rating as per CSIRO

Format & Finishes


The Proparq collection is dynamic and comprehensive and so can meet diverse needs and customise any room. The Proparq collection has a vast choice of wood flooring with planks of differing thicknesses and widths for various flooring conditions.

The thickness of the hardwood varies from 3, 4 to 5 mm, while the support of marine grade birch plywood, varies from 5 to 9 ply. A Proparq floor will vary in thickness, according to the product, and ranges from a minimum thickness of 11 mm to a maximum of 19 mm.

The width of the planks has a considerable effect on the appearance of the timber flooring. Proparq offers a vast selection of widths in various timber species and finishes, allowing the greatest compositional freedom and guaranteeing an excellent end result. From the classic 90 mm of Meso to the majestic 400 mm of Magnus, the variable length and thickness, are able to satisfy all architectural requirements.

Stacked Proparq Flooring

Meso Width
90x580/980 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 11 mm | Multipla_11/14 mm

Mega Width
120x780/1480 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 14 mm | Multipla_11/14 mm

Giga Width
140x1180/1980 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 14 mm

Tera Width
190x1480/2380 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 14 mm

Peta Width
240x1480/2380 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 14 mm

Exa Width
300x1800/3200 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 19 mm

Magnus Width
400x1800/3200 mm (4 mm top layer)
Spessore/thickness 19 mm

Civita Grade

Naturae Grade

Rustica Grade


3 Grades, compliant with the UNI 13489 Standards, offer a choice of wood with varying appearance, featuring even or uneven vein patterns and numerous or few knots.

CIVITA [ O ]The attractive grain patterns of the wood are enhanced by the natural colour shades, variations in tone and glow of each species. The appearance of the floor will be harmonious but never uniform with small knots featured in some species.

NATURAE [ Δ ]This features mixed vein patterns with attractive multi-colours, tones and small knots to further enhance patterns.

RUSTICA [ □ ]This option enhances the natural beauty of the wood by focusing on variations in the shades of the grain patterns and knots, making them the key feature of this luxurious and original timber floor.

Proparq Timber Grades


Proparq also offers a choice of different finishes, each completely non-toxic and solvent-free. All the compounds used are guaranteed by leading environmental and safety certifications. Each of the surface treatments involves one or more finishing solutions.
Available in natural oil or in a superior acrylic varnish UV (up to 7 layers of varnishing dried with UV lamp).


Available in:

  • Matt
  • Satin
  • Semigloss
  • Lucida 100 Gloss


A special finish which gives the floor a vintage look.

Available in:

  • Natural Oil
  • Acrylic Varnish UV


A hand scraped finish which gives an aged and traditional feeling to each board.

Available in:

  • Natural Oil


A sawn cut finish that gives the plank an appearance of unfinished raw wood that is left untreated.

Available in:

  • Natural Oil
  • Acrylic Varnish UV

Multipla 120mm


Proparq presents Multipla: An exclusive design that can be customised to unique needs. With Multipla it is possible to achieve a mixed-wood floor with planks of different widths and lengths.

Proparq Technical Information

Proparq timber flooring consists o f a two-layer wooden surface: every single plank consists of a thick face layer of hardwood combined with tough marine-grade birchwood ply.

The face layer gives the product its final appearance, and so the timbers used must be carefully chosen and selected. Throughout the Proparq production cycle, the face layer woods undergo several inspections by skilled staff, whom reject all material that does not meet set quality parameters.

Proparq Technical Information
Proparq Birchwood

Birchwood ply plays an extremely important functional role. This support consists of 5 to 9 layers of birchwood, each glued onto the layer below at right angles in a cross-grained arrangement. It is this structure that balances the natural stresses within the material to give a stable and flexible flooring with resistance to twisting and crushing.

The hardwood face layer is glued to the birchwood ply at pressure with extremely high-performance phenol adhesive developed to provide water-resistant bonds, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 204 CLASS D4 standards. The result is a perfect bond between the two timbers, making them virtually inseparable.

During shaping, the marine-grade birchwood ply is processed to form tongue-and-groove joints of micro-metric precision on all four sides, so that there will be practically no space between planks in a well-laid floor. This provides an extremely durable flooring of great beauty, and prevents liquids or dirt from penetrating the wood, damaging it and generating a health hazard.

In this phase, cross-cuts are also made in the underside of each plank, giving it the flexibility needed to adapt to the laying surfaces (even where there are flaws in the screed or existing flooring) making the Proparq product perfectly flat and strikingly attractive to look at.

What Makes The Difference

The strength and benefits of Proparq multilayer flooring

Making intelligent, sustainable use of timber, using fine hardwoods in a controlled way to minimise the wastage of material, multilayer flooring is currently the most widely used, important type of timber flooring. The unique cross-lamination of the birchwood layers compensates for the natural tensions of the wood.

Once paired with a hardwood ply, it effectively counteracts any structural or dimensional deformations, and creates a durable and stable flooring product, with a high resistance to weathering and humidity.

Deformations of this kind are not only unsightly but also make continual sanding necessary to restore the floor flatness which considerably increases maintenance costs and reduces the lifetime of the timber flooring.

The 7 or 9 layers of non-toxic UV varnish make the surface planks very resistant to abrasions.

Non-Toxic UV Varnish

Quick and easy to lay, and ready-to-use one day after installation.

Quick and Easy Install

Proparq is ideal for underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating