Robust, beautiful flooring to stand the test of time

Tougher and more durable than many other flooring options, solid hardwood flooring is a true investment in your home – with the ‘real wood’ difference you will feel underfoot. If you are looking for the right flooring for your ‘forever’ home, solid hardwood flooring is the ideal choice for style and quality that lasts.

Our solid hardwood flooring is available for installation in;

  • Strip
  • Plank Flooring
  • Parquetry (Herringbone or Chevron)

Our hardwood range includes many indigenous Australian hardwood species, along with specially sourced, timeless options from France and America, such as French Oak, American Oak, American Black Walnut and American Rock Maple. Solid hardwood floors should be installed by professionals only for the best finish.

Visit our Gallery for solid hardwood flooring colour and styles.

Can we help you choose?

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