Maintaining and Protecting Your Hardwood Timber Floors

Scratched Timber Floor How to Maintain Preview

Timber flooring has been a popular choice of flooring for many years; its warmth and character creates such a timeless look. However like any floor it can be prone to wear and tear. Restoring a timber floor can be inconvenient (not to mention costly) so we have a few simple tips to help conserve your floor for as long as possible.

If your beloved pet cat/dog/crocodile/cricket (we don’t discriminate) is the indoorsy kind we recommend keeping their claws trimmed as they have been known to scratch hardwood floors. Especially when they get up a bit of speed and grip their claws into the floor to avoid sliding…

Another common cause of creating indentations is stiletto heels. Shoe heels should be kept in good condition to avoid peppering your timber floor with little dents.

Furniture is heavy and can often lead to deep dents and scratches if dragged across the floor. It is important you lift it completely or use thick rugs or carpet underneath to facilitate the slide.

Floor guards / felt pads should also be used on the underside of sofas, chairs, tables etc to eliminate denting/scratching; particularly under frequently moved items such as dining room chairs. Stick on or cap style guards can be purchased from most hardware stores at a reasonable price.

Let’s be frank no one likes cleaning... (Insert eye roll) but it is an essential part of prolonging the life of your finish. With a simple nip around of a Bona micro fibre dust pad (or similar) you can remove loose dirt, grit, dust and sand which can abrade/dent/mark or scratch your beautiful floor when stepped on. Vacuum cleaners can also be used to lift up loose dirt. Just be sure to use a specific head designed for timber floors to avoid scratching.

We all know timber and water aren’t the best of friends, so avoid wet mopping your floor. Instead we recommend the Bona spray mop which lightly mists a 1-2m2 area at a time, bit of elbow grease and voila your timber floor will be looking as good as new.

All Bona Cleaning products can be purchased from our Osborne Park showroom at a very reasonable price. A mop, cleaner and a couple of dust/cleaning pads will set you back around $100. Be sure to check with your installer exactly what finish they’re using so they can recommend the best cleaning solution for you.